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Last update: 2015-05-27
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Cash girl Ricky

Rating: 9.00

Pay and worship her ass!

Hey, little maggot, where's your money!? You are just a loser - and YOU don't need it... but I can buy something nice with it instead! But you still can be very happy... because you are allowed to watch me taking your money! Yes! And you can even watch me while I put it in the back of my jeans! There it's soo close to my ass... closer than YOU will ever come...!!! *g*

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Mistress Annabell J

Rating: 10.00

Go work for Annabell, loser!

So, you’re here once again to hear what a loser you are? Do you want to know why you can’t do anything right? You’re married, but your wife’s betraying you ... you don’t get to manage anything in your life ... just look at you ... paying me even for this humiliation! Look at this dress - I bought it with your money. Well, you see, I’m enjoying life ... and that’s just because you’re so stupid - a real loser, that’s what you are! I want you to work really hard for me ... all the time! Got that? Well, then get started and earn me some money!

The most favourite CashMoneyGirls.com Update

Greedy Janine

Rating: 9.63

Greedy Janine

I'm really greedy - and I bet you know that already! And you'll satisfy my greed today - at least I hope so for your own good! So come on, hand me banknote after banknote. No - that's not enough yet. I want your credit card too - give it to me now! Now it's mine and I'm going on a shopping spree while you'll go to work!

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