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Rating: 9.50

You are Anfisa's paying ash tray!

Come on, asshole... Crawl towards your money mistress Anfisa and give her some bank notes! Don't be soo stingy! After this you can watch her happily smoking a cigarette - she enjoys every drag - while she decides to use your mouth as her ash tray, poor slave!

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Russian money mistress Alina J.

Rating: 10.00

You will go hooking for Alina!

Come on! Knee down and crawl at the ground in front of your money mistress Alina! She wants your money! Give her your money! But don't give her less than she expects... otherwise she will become very evil! She will order you to go hooking so you can bring her even more money! And you will follow her orders so Alina will get much more money! She lives a luxurious life - and you have to pay for her!!

The most favourite CashMoneyGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Stellina keeps the key

You will never be able to get close to such a beauty like Stellina! Not even in your deepest dreams! Such a hot woman like Stellina is inaccessible to you! What...? You want to get this key, loser...? How do you hit on such an idea...!? Hmm... but Stellina wants to be fair... just give her your whole money and MAYBE she starts to think it over...!!

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