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Last update: 2015-03-25
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Rating: 2.00

I am your princess - so give me your money!

You have promised to spoil me! I am your nice, sweet princess! But it looks like your three jobs are not enough to pay me and to buy the things I want to own. Where is the rest of your money...? Give it to me! 50€ - are you fucking kidding me!? I know that you have some more money! Just give it to me! I need every Euro to live my luxurious life!

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Rating: 10.00

Ricky can spend your money much better!

Come on! Go down on your knees and kiss my feet to greet me! Get down - NOW! And where is the money you promised me...? Give it to me! Hmm... I have to check and count the money first - because I don't trust you! But you don't need the money anyway - I can spend it much better! You are a loser only! It's unbelievable - but it's also true!! And now, get down on your knees again and kiss my divine feet!!

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Red haired fndom Jamie-Kate

Rating: 10.00

You are her pay piggy - Go hooking!

Hey, my tiny loser... What's up!? Come on - go hooking! I heard you like it... That's the only reason of your existence - You have to sweeten my life! Give me all your money so I can buy something very nice! That's the way it goes...! And next week I'm going to be on holidays - and need even more money! You worked very hard - while I'm going to spend your money... *g* Are you fucking kidding me!? That's all you dare to give me...!? Come on, give me more! So I can go to a big party with my friends! Of course you are not allowed to follow... you have to work even more so I can also spend this money soon...! *g*

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