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Last update: 2014-09-20
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Stellina keeps the key

You will never be able to get close to such a beauty like Stellina! Not even in your deepest dreams! Such a hot woman like Stellina is inaccessible to you! What...? You want to get this key, loser...? How do you hit on such an idea...!? Hmm... but Stellina wants to be fair... just give her your whole money and MAYBE she starts to think it over...!!

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Jeans Girl Angelina M

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Angelina's facesitting slave

Come here, loser - I wanna sit down on your face and take the cash out of your pockets. I'm going to take 50 Euro per minute. That's a fair price considering the face that you're just my seating cushion and pay slave. I won't tolerate you talking back and this will happen exactly as I want to! And trust me, I'm going to sit here for quite a while...

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Hot Money Domme Angelina M

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She wants your money

So little pig, get down on your knees and kiss my boots - the bottoms of course! And now give me your money, 50 euro at one time. 50,100,150 ... that's the way I like it and I can buy some stuff now - that's what you're working for. Ah, another 100 euro - that's nice. And as you're staring at my hot ass the whole time I'll put your 250 euro right there in the backpocket. Take a last glance - now it's my money!

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