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Last update: 2020-02-23
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Mistress Anfisa is in possession of your credit card

You left your wallet at Mistress Anfisa's. She gave it back to you, of course, but you've been missing something ever since. Isn't that right?! She stole your credit card and spent all your money! Mistress Anfisa will tell you what she bought and paid for with your credit card. You, loser, will pay for her luxuries and there is much more to come! When Mistress Anfisa is done with you, your whole life will have changed forever!

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Your money belongs to her!

Mistress Zora is absolutely not interested in you, you pathetic little motherfucker. She gives her attention only to your money! You kneel in front of her and listen to what she thinks of you. Because you are NOTHING! But don't forget to open your wallet wide, because Mistress Zora wants to see your money and take everything from you. But with only a few ridiculous bucks her attention is quickly diminished. Just sit there at her feet and admire your money mistress, but while you're down there, you can at least make yourself useful and lick her shoes...

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Don't be ridiculous!

Without your money you are NOTHING! Lady Sara takes all you have and robs you of everything! She pulls the money out of your pocket note by note and you do not complain in any way. But you're only giving her those miserable 50s! Lady Sara laughs about it and can't take you seriously! You are so embarrassing. You should be pilloried and publicly humiliated for what a loser you are. Take good care of your bank account. Lady Sara is not satisfied with just a few notes. Next time she will empty your account!

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