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Last update: 2019-09-17
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Jerk off for a fee

You want to jerk off your tiny little cock?! Haha! That will costs you quite a bit though. But before you may wank your cock, show your mistress how embarrassingly small it is. Now your payment is due. Give Goddess Yasemin an appropriate wanker fee and follow her instructions, is that clear? Goddess Yasemin gives you awesome jerk-off instruction and you will follow her commands precisely. Do you understand?! Do what she tells you and pay diligently for it, you wanking slave!

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Every toe costs money!

Without money, you have no business with Mistress Anfisa! You are crazy about her beautiful feet and love her toes?! Well, then you have to pay a lot to be allowed to worship her! For every single toe you will pay your Mistress, because only with an adequate payment will she let you look at her toes - but it's worth it!

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Don't be ridiculous!

Without your money you are NOTHING! Lady Sara takes all you have and robs you of everything! She pulls the money out of your pocket note by note and you do not complain in any way. But you're only giving her those miserable 50s! Lady Sara laughs about it and can't take you seriously! You are so embarrassing. You should be pilloried and publicly humiliated for what a loser you are. Take good care of your bank account. Lady Sara is not satisfied with just a few notes. Next time she will empty your account!

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