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Last update: 2019-01-10
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Hanna & Jane

Rating: 0.00

Chop-chop, money slave!

Come on, money slave, it's time for a rinsing! Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane are two particularly impatient and greedy findommes. They take everything from you. You were a laughing stock last time because of the pathetic amount of money in your pocket. You should be really embarrassed because that wasn't enough for the two ladies. If you have so little money you should just sell your ass and earn more! Give all you earn to your Mistresses. They expect a lot from you and you have to fulfill their expectations. So earn more, take some real money out of your pocket and hand it over to Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane, one note after another. NOW!

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Greedy Janine

Rating: 9.70

Greedy Janine

I'm really greedy - and I bet you know that already! And you'll satisfy my greed today - at least I hope so for your own good! So come on, hand me banknote after banknote. No - that's not enough yet. I want your credit card too - give it to me now! Now it's mine and I'm going on a shopping spree while you'll go to work!

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Rating: 9.67

Your money wanders into my pocket!

So you like what you're gawping at, lustfully? Take your time and watch extensively... take a close look at my thin legs in those sexy jeans, at my small feet inside of these rad high heels... now you're completely obsessed, aren't you? You don't have to! I tell you what - I just advanced you as my new money slave and you'll work for your place in my stable by making me very, very happy with many, big banknotes! The very view you had on my luxurious body is worth a lot of money, so I want to see your appraisal! Draw your hard earned money outta your pocket and let it wander into my divine hands, loser! EVERY single Cent!!!

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