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Sue S.

Rating: 0.00

Penalty fee for jerking off!

You think Lady Sue's very sexy and just can't stop looking at her! She sits on the sofa and strokes her leg seductively. It makes you hot and bothered and that doesn't go unnoticed as she realizes how horny you are and that you're jerking off over her. The mistress does'nt like that, because you've been jerking off for days and that is clearly too much! This is behavior that Lady Sue will not tolerate, so it's gonna cost you 100 euros! Hand over your money and pay off your debts!

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Rating: 10.00

Princess Amber's pay bitch

A pay pig like YOU should be on your knees for Princess Amber. As soon as you kneel in front of her, you know what you have to do! Do you remember?! She wants money from you, you're her pay pig! Did you bring Mistress her money?? Pay bitches like you have to obey and follow instructions, so give Princess Amber what she deserves!!!

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Mistress Annabell J

Rating: 10.00

Go work for Annabell, loser!

So, you’re here once again to hear what a loser you are? Do you want to know why you can’t do anything right? You’re married, but your wife’s betraying you ... you don’t get to manage anything in your life ... just look at you ... paying me even for this humiliation! Look at this dress - I bought it with your money. Well, you see, I’m enjoying life ... and that’s just because you’re so stupid - a real loser, that’s what you are! I want you to work really hard for me ... all the time! Got that? Well, then get started and earn me some money!

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