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Last update: 2019-05-08
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Mistress Anfisa brutally rips you off!

Here there is no small talk! You have to give mistress Anfisa your money and that' s it! Mistress Anfisa amkes it clear to you that you are here for nothing else! She reaches for your money and wants everything you have! She is not satisfied with a cheap 100 Euro because she knows that you have much more and she'll get that too! She doesn't care how important you are. She doesn't care what position you holf. For her, only your money counts. Only your money is important to her! YOU are not!

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Yasemin completely rips you off!

Goddess Yasemin has no patience left for you. You must immediately give her what you should have already! Give her the money, hand it over to her! ... WOW! You seriously dare to give her two 5 Euro bills?! What kind of a loser are you!? The 5 on the note shows only how small your dick is! Ridiculously tiny, just like this amount. Shame on you for that! You are a laughing stock and therefore Goddess Yasemin now takes everything you own. Your money is not safe with her, because now she'll rip you off completely!

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You're a ridiculous money slave

You make a fool of yourself in front of Goddess Liana! She has booked her next luxury holiday, for which YOU will pay her, yet now you come along with only a few bucks and believe in all seriousness that that would be enough? Never! YOU are pathetic and ridiculous! To Goddess Liana your money is worthless, because your few bucks are not enough! You are a money slave who still has a lot to learn... Goddess Liana tells you what she will spend your money on and squeezes everything out of you until you are completely broke!

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