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Goddess Lena

Rating: 0.00

Small cock penalty

Your mistress orders you to step closer! If you are so far away, she can not recognize your tiny cock at all. YOU are a disgrace to the male world with this tiny willy. Pathetic and ridiculous at the same time! But even for someone like YOU Goddess Lena know just what to do...

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Hanna & Jane & Zora

Rating: 10.00

Drained and humiliated by three money mistresses

If you can't use your looks to score with these three mistresses, then convince them with your generosity! Mistress Zora, Mistress Jane and Queen Hanna send you to get money, tell you how they will take it from you and also what plans they have for YOU, fuck-up slave. Being a money servant to these three mistresses will be hard for you - but in reality it will finally be a secret dream come true for you, right? Robbed by three money mistresses and deeply humiliated to the deepest... That just drives you crazy?!

The most favourite CashMoneyGirls.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Enjoy your financial ruin!

Thrift is awesome?! Not to Mistress Anfisa! She is not interested in collecting just a few bucks from you. A few bucks you can easily do without.. NO! She wants to ruin your life at all costs. And she WILL ruin your life! That's why you have to hand over everything you still own to Mistress Anfisa. But your mistress is already ahead of you and has a mean plan. What is it? Watch her tell you now...

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