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Money Dommes Katja & Ljuba

Rating: 7.70

2 Russian money mistresses

Hey loser, you know what we want, right? Give us your cash - we wanna go shopping and have a nice dinner with our hot boyfriends - not losers like yourself. You just exist to give us money - maybe you're allowed to watch us in the meantime - we know exactly how much we turn you on. But hot chicks like us aren't for losers like yourself - you even have to pay just to look at our hot asses. And now? That was all your money? Then better fuck off - no need to have you around without cash - understood?


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-07 Katja is a 10 but when you put Ktja and Ljuba together in the same video the rating is 100. They both look so hot in their tight jeans and they work so well together in the video. I love looking their video several times. Beautiful ladies. Awesome!!! waffel
Sue S.
You want fun - I want your money
Your money is mine!
Whether you like it or not your money now belongs to Mistress Zora!
Jenny Nina
You are her ATM!