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Jeans Girl Angelina M

Rating: 9.15

Angelina's facesitting slave

Come here, loser - I wanna sit down on your face and take the cash out of your pockets. I'm going to take 50 Euro per minute. That's a fair price considering the face that you're just my seating cushion and pay slave. I won't tolerate you talking back and this will happen exactly as I want to! And trust me, I'm going to sit here for quite a while...


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2013-12-07 Angelina M is so hot in this POV video. Love her jeans and expressions and poses. I love the feel it gives me to think she is sitting down on me. Great camera work. Awesome!!! waffel
Cathy wants to shop online!!!
Paypig for a big lady
Jenny M
Jenny keeps you in chastity
You'll get NOTHING from your money!