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Sweet Loona

Rating: 7.38

Be my sugar daddy

Do you like my looks? Admit it, you think i'm sweet and sexy - so why don't you wanna invest a little in my so i'm getting even more pretty? Just give me some of your money and i get myself a new pair of shoes, some new jewelry or sexy pants. Maybe we can even spend a nice day together - of course you'd need to pay for everything. Can you resist me?


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-01-09 Loona is so sexy in those jeans Awesome!!! Markjeans
2013-12-07 I like Loona's jeans. She looks great. She's a pretty model. Great! waffel
Cathy & Cora B
Pay for the key
Mara's Cash & Go
Nadine N
Nadine mugs your money!
Mara loves to take your money