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Sexy Denise

Rating: 8.00

Denise tells you a secret!

Hello, bastard! Get down on your knees and kiss my feet! ... Yeah, that's nice! ... Come on, give me your money! Veeery good! I will tell you a secret about your stupid wife! Do you know what she is going to do now...? I do so...! But I'm really surprised that you let her go with it...!? Pathetic loser!!! But it seems that it is the only thing you are capable of - being abused! And you can give me all your money... Now you are my pay pig! But your wife already does so, right...!?


Money mistress Emely takes your money
Serve as ashtray and pay for it!
Sue S.
Give sexy Sue your money!
Vanessa M
That's all your money...!?