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Sexy Despina

Rating: 7.36

Despina shops online

I'll now shop online and get rid of some cash. Of course i'll use your credit card! So i put all the stuff into my shopping card and you'll just sit there and watch me on your knees - like the pathetic little loser you are! And you know what one does with loser? Just sit down on their face - just like i'm doing right now. I'm sitting right on your face and spend your money! I'm at 900 Euros allready by the way!


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-07 I love these fantastic POV and sitting poses. Despina looks so wonderful. Awesome!!! waffel
Anna B.
You're my payment-slave!
Young Mistress Maddy
You're a peeper and you're going to pay Svenja
Svenja's moneyslave with the tiny dick