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Listen, loser: you're a nobody in every single point. A really awkward failure that needs to hear the truth about his abject lifestyle! It's so simple, yet you're too dumb to recognize the facts without foreign help. Count yourself lucky, 'cause I'll tell you every truth you need to hear now. Certainly all of these informations have their prices and you will pay it to me! Banknote after banknote I drag out of your pockets until you're broke. And believe me, it's the best thing that could ever have happened to you because you're not worthy to manage a bankaccount by yourself. Your money is worth more inside of my hands. You would pay every price like a stupid skunk, the harder the humiliation, the higher your payment! That's the sad truth about you, my little bank machine!


You are my cash machine!
Blackmail - Money for your picture
Vanessa M
Pamper Vanessa with your money
Sandra B
Laughted at by Sandra