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Money Dommes Jazee & Jenna J

Rating: 7.55

Jazee & Jenna Cash Money Girls

You asked for it and now Jazee and Jenna punish you properly. You'll be their money slave and have to give them the promised 400 Euro. What you didn't know is that they'll be filming you - they have fun recording how pathetic you're and already plan to upload the video to Youtube or even better to sell it somewhere. You even lick their dirty shoes - that's making the video even better, doesn't it? In any case, they're fed up with you - next time you've to bring more than 400 Euro. So you better go to work so you can give them more next time!


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-27 Would of been nice to see their asses in jeans, but two great sexy girls! Awesome!!! Markjeans
2013-12-07 Jazee and Jenna are okay models. Love their jeans and sneakers. Nice Average waffel
Sara Surprisink
What a lame duck!
Squeeze your hard-earned money!
Your credit card - her shopping spree
Money slave brainfuck