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Lady Nora - Sweaty feet in the tropical house of my boots

I will tell you what makes our arrangement so fantastic. You get from me what turns you on and I get from you what turns me on. It doesn't get any better than that, does it? There's a lot of foot sweat in my transparent and airtight boots. I come very close to you and show you how my toes live in their own tropical house and how the vapor of my sweat has settled on the inside walls of the boots. You're lucky that my boots are transparent, because you can see how damp it really is inside my boots. You can find out how wet my feet are now with your tongue, which you can now slide through the spaces between my toes just as I instruct!


I am your princess - so give me your money!
Anna B.
You're my payment-slave!
Young Mistress Maddy
You're a peeper and you're going to pay Svenja