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Masturbation Mistress Mercedes

Rating: 7.11

Mercedes cum servant

Today I have a very special task for you. You will be my cum slave, jerking off exactly the way I want you to. And there's something special in there for you as well. Because you will pay me a small obolus of 500 Euro for this privilege as soon as you have cum! Well now - get on with your wanking. Faster! Ha, ha!


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2013-12-07 When I saw Mercedes in these skin tight jeans and little halter top and hair let down I had to download and keep this video. This was so wonderful. I love her jeans. She looks so hot in this oufit. Awesome!!! waffel
You hit rock bottom!
Verbal humiliation - your downfall!
Sue S.
You want fun - I want your money
YOUR money for Levana's luxury