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Smoking Mistress Saskia

Rating: 7.50

Mistress Saskias ashtray

You see my cigarette? I bought the cigarettes with your money. And now I will use you as my ashtray. While I do this I'll tell you what else I will buy with your money. And be sure of that - I will spend all your money! I will take another drag of my cigarette, and then I'll tap the ash right into your mouth. It must go somewhere, after all!!!


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2013-12-07 Saskia's face is not attractive to me. I think she has a beautiful body and figure, looks sexy in these tight jeans and I love the smoking video. I would love to see the models step on the cig when they finish smoking it. That's sexy to me. Below Average waffel
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Mistress Anfisa is in possession of your credit card
Angelina M
She wants your money