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Money Domme Mia

Rating: 7.91

Money present for mistress Mia

So, what did you bring today? A nice envelope filled with money? Let's take a closer look. But what the fuck is that? Only a few small bills? You should know that I'm not used to receive "change" ... 50 EUR bills are acceptable, but 10 or 20? Really? You're a real idiot - cause now we've a problem. I told you about that new bag I want - but this few bucks won't be enough. So, you know what you've got to do. Get some more money for me or I'll tell everyone what a loser and wimp you're and press my dirty shoe soles on your face. Get going!


Vanessa M
That's all your money...!?
Pay and worship her ass!
Sexy Russian Natalia only wants your money
Pay for her spit