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Money Lady Natascha

Rating: 7.50

Money slave and ashtray for mistress Natascha

So slave, you know i want your money - so give it to me. And no - 100 euro won't cut it. I want more ... much more!!! So give me more - just like I deserve. You on the other hand only deserv my ashes in your mouth. So open wide and get over here. You're my ashtray that's paying me and works just to be allowed to be my slave


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2013-12-07 I love this video of Natascha. Love her tight black jeans, her smoking, her sitting on the stool. great video Awesome!!! waffel
I am your princess - so give me your money!
Anna B.
You're my payment-slave!
Young Mistress Maddy
You're a peeper and you're going to pay Svenja