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Ordinary wallpaper is too cheap for me!

Last time I told you that I would find a better use for your brought money and I have! You know Lady Nora doesn't go for cheap stuff. I like expensive furnishings and decor, like my new cash wallpaper. Ordinary wallpaper is too cheap for me! Now wallpaper consisting of 100 Euro bills, that's just the thing for me! These bills here are from you, but they have blemished. You will not deliver such bills to me in the future. Memorize it well! A start has been made, but for the rest of the wall you will now make even more effort for me...


Give me the money, you loser!
Lisa L
Small penis - what shall I do with you...?
Jane & Layla
Feminization - you'll become a sissy
Sara Surprisink
Ready for performance check?