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Money Lady Svenja

Rating: 7.50

Pay pig and shoe licker for Lady Svenja

You know what I'm keen on, don't you? Certainly not on you but on your cash. Go pay pig and welcome me the appropriate way by kissing my feet! You will lick the soles of my shoes as well nice and proper. And you will take the tip and the heel deep into your mouth. This goes well with you loser! And now the time has come: Give to me what you are here for- your money- at once! Don't you dare not to enough or you will have to take a side job to to satisfy me further on! Do you have enough money with you?


Anna B.
You're my payment-slave!
Young Mistress Maddy
You're a peeper and you're going to pay Svenja
Svenja's moneyslave with the tiny dick