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Hot Money Domme Angelina M

Rating: 9.00

She wants your money

So little pig, get down on your knees and kiss my boots - the bottoms of course! And now give me your money, 50 euro at one time. 50,100,150 ... that's the way I like it and I can buy some stuff now - that's what you're working for. Ah, another 100 euro - that's nice. And as you're staring at my hot ass the whole time I'll put your 250 euro right there in the backpocket. Take a last glance - now it's my money!


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2013-12-07 Angelina M is so perfect in this video. I love her tight jeans, sexy face and body and how she sits on the arm of this chair. love it. Awesome!!! waffel
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Stick to the contract!
Your money is gone in no time!
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