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Princess Natalia

Rating: 8.11

Used as a living ashtray by your money mistress

Come here, money slave, I want your money now, and you hand over the bills like a good boy. And while you are doing this I will use you as a human ashtray. Come on, open your mouth so that I can use it for my ash. I now have your money and you'll swallow my ashes. You'll learn what it means to be the money slave of a Polish mistress. You won’t be able to resist… So now, open your mouth even wider - and eat my cigarette butt!


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2013-12-07 Natalia is very HOT in this video. I love how she smokes, how beautiful she is, how sexy her jeans look. I like her sitting, smoking and pov poses. great video. Awesome!!! waffel
Jazee & Jenna J
Jazee & Jenna Cash Money Girls
You pay - ass slave!
Cindy C
Money for nothing
Aileen Taylor
You pig of a slave - your money is mine