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Verbal humiliation - your downfall!

You're a loser all along the line who needs and wants to hear the humiliating reasons all over again! Everyone's exploiting you like a dumb, stupid pup and you're an ass-kisser to all authoritatian persons! In the end you always recognize that you are and always will be the last link in the chain!! And what about your wife? Oh I'll tell you what she's really doing when she tells you that she's making sports. In fact, she really does sports... but rather inside the bed of an alpha-man, than in the gym! Are you at least a good money slave? Come give me your hard earned money, loser!!


Anna B. & Mia B
Compensate us for your hideous face!
Katja & Ljuba
2 Russian money mistresses
You hit rock bottom!
Annabell J
I am a diva and you are a nobody