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Rating: 7.67

What a lame duck!

Well, paypig. Today's payday, so spend all your money on me quickly! I'm the reason you've applied for this 450 Euro job and so I demand the whole sum from you! What, you give me only hundred?! Do I have to drag every single fifty euro banknote separately outta your wallet? Hurry up, loser! What is it with your hypocritical hesitation? I don't have time for such stupid bullshit! After I received the whole 450 Euro, you can piss off, motherfucker! No moneymistress in this world wants to do with such a miserably unable paypig like you!


Cindy C
Turned on and ripped off
Greedy Janine
Angelina M
Angelina's facesitting slave
Amber & Jenny
Wank-prohibition for the chastity-slave