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YOU are used as a shoeshine boy and cash machine

Mistress Zora has just the right job for a loser like YOU! You like the sexy lacquered material that her shoes are made of, right?! You see the dirty areas there? Get your tongue out and clean them! You will lick every little dirty spot clean because YOU are the personal shoe-licking slave of Mistress Zora and you have to do a decent job. But no... Of course YOU're not up to it again, WTF...!? How shittily can you lick shoes clean? You are certainly incompetent and an absolute disappointment! If you can't do it, then at least pay for the embarrassment. As a shoeshine boy you are useless to Mistress Zora. Let's see what you can do as an ATM. Maybe she can shine her shoes better with your money than YOU can with your tongue!


Vicky Carrera
Shopping money for my girlfriend and me!
Mistress Vanny controls your money
Bibi & Tina D
Bibi and Tina D await your money eagerly!
Be Natalia's filthy pay pig, doggy!