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Money Domme Jenny

Rating: 8.67

Your money is now hers

Your credit card is mine now. From now on i'll get cash with it whenever i want to. I just got the first 400 Euro - as you can see! I think i'll buy some new clothes next - maybe a new tight jeans? We'll see. The only important thing is that i decide from now on and you're just my paypig. It really wasn't smart to give me your creditcard and pin code - i'm just so careless when it comes to money - especially when it comes to your money! But now it's too late to take it back!


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2013-12-07 JENNY IS HOT! Love her tight jeans and these sexy sitting poses. she's beautiful Awesome!!! waffel
You're her slave whore!
The simple truth about YOU!
Goddess Lena
Small cock penalty
Jenia from Russia takes it all!