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Cash-and-Go Experience

You have this one, very special fantasy - a secret, short date with your mistress, Goddess Yasemin, in which your money changes hands from yours to hers! Your money will finally pass into the hands that ultimately deserve it, those of an attractive goddess! You've been dreaming of such a cash-and-go with her for a long time - and now your dream finally becomes reality! You stand opposite Goddess Yasemin - and freeze at the sight of her! Come on, hand over your money! After all, she's not meeting you for fun! This is your long awaited cash-and-go experience, so give her your money - and then fuck off back to the hole you crawled out of in the first place, loser!


Jana H
Pay scat mistress Jana and she will give you her caviar
Vanessa M
That's all your money...!?
A drop in the bucket!!
You have to work for me