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Withdrawn and alienated - This is your life!

Are you an obedient money slave and have you been to the bank for your mistress? Have you already picked up the instructed amount and have you brought it to her? Let's see... Mistress Jane counts the bills and checks the amount.... Does it hurt you to leave so much money with your mistress or does it make you horny? Look closely at the fan of banknotes again - and then say goodbye to it forever. Because these bills have just passed into the possession of your mistress. But not only because of the money itself, no! Mistress Jane wants your personal ruin and deprives you of the right to have a say in your own life from now on!


Suck toes and pay heftily!
The game with your ruin
Mistress Anfisa brutally rips you off!
Cindy C
Licking heels, and cash for Princess Cindy