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Greedy Janine

Rating: 9.00

Greedy Janine

I'm really greedy - and I bet you know that already! And you'll satisfy my greed today - at least I hope so for your own good! So come on, hand me banknote after banknote. No - that's not enough yet. I want your credit card too - give it to me now! Now it's mine and I'm going on a shopping spree while you'll go to work!


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-07 Janine is pretty cute in this video. Nice tight pants and sitting positions. Very Good waffel
Amber & Jenny
Wank-prohibition for the chastity-slave
Annabell J
Annabell J gets you money - because your dick is so tiny!
Cindy C
Turned on and ripped off
Angelina M
Angelina's facesitting slave