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BBW Mistresses Cathy & Cora B

Rating: 6.33

Pay for the key

Hey, are you ready to put your money at my feet? Well you will if you want to free your tiny dick. Look what i got here: The key to your chastity belt. How long do you want to live in chastity? You'll empty your bank account and pay us a lot of money! You're a little loser and you know how great it would be to get the key back. That would be so good for your tiny thing. Check out our huge breasts and tasty asses. Pay now - or remain in chastity!


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-07 dont' care for BBW big ladies. Below Average waffel
Give me the money, you loser!
BBW Mistress Cathy
Jenny Nina
Eat my ash and pay for it
Put your money between Denise’s toes