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Bratty Vanessa M

Rating: 7.55

Sexy girl fetches her money

Come on, loser - give me my money. I need new bags and new shoes, and I want to go shopping. But the 50 euros you gave me is not enough, the 150 Euro aren't sufficient either - simply give me all you've got. You are such a loser - but I don't care what and who you are as long as you keep on giving me money. As long as you have money, I'll be there for you; tomorrow as well. But once you've run out of money it's finished. Then I won't come to you anymore, because you don't exist for me. Then you have seen me for the last time - and you don't want that, do you?


Anna B. & Mia B
Compensate us for your hideous face!
Jamie-Kate moves in and cleans you out
Every toe costs money!
Special jerk-off tax, loser!