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Rating: 8.50

The game with your ruin

Now you have done this all by yourself. You are trapped! Mistress Anfisa had already warned you before... Once you meet her, you will never get away from her again. And now the time has come - your life as a free man is at an end! Her charisma and her power over you make you kneel before her like a poor beggar. Once she's done with you that's exactly what you will be. Not because she wants your money, no. She wants your financial ruin to completely destroy your life! After all, it's not even your money. But being driven into the abyss is what makes you so attracyed to her, isn't it?!


Your credit card - her shopping spree
Money slave brainfuck
Lisa L
You work for my money
Adriana & Felicitas
You really think this is enough for shopping?!