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Redhead Tura

Rating: 7.92

Tura gets your money

I'm going to get some money from you - you're my money slave after all. So give me the cash you're holding there. You don't deserve to own so much money anyway - so you can just give it to me. Giving me money is the only reason for me to allow you to be here after all - otherwise you'd better be working instead of crawling around me. But I want more money and you don't have any more cash? Well, then you'll give me your credit card now and I'll shop online till your limit is reached. You can leave now, go to work and think about your credit card and me - your money mistress!


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-07 Tura has a great tom-boy look, nice body and looks good in jeans. Nice video Good waffel
I wanna go shopping with your money!
Your money slave destiny
Jeans ass tax is due!
Silence of great value