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Mistress Jana H

Rating: 7.46

You're my ass slave and pay

Well, there's my dirty ass slave again. You want to adore by sexy butt, right? Get very close to it? You just can't get enough of my ass! I know that very well and therefore I'll make you pay. You've a whole 3 minutes to worship my ass and of course you'll pay for every second of it. Just look at you getting hornier and hornier while watching my ass - and then watch the money, formerly yours, disappear in my butt pockets!


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-19 Jana H has a cute smile, Looks nice in her tight jeans. Below Average waffel
Hanna & Jane
Give Blowjobs and paying the money to the Ladies
You're her next backer!
Hanna & Jane
Your money for the sight of her
Still hard, still horny!