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Findom Zoe

Rating: 7.62

Payslave of young mistress Zoe

Get down and kiss my feet and high heels. And don't forget the soles - you know a good slave kisses them too! And now give me your money. Mhh ... that's not enough ... aren't you ashamed, loser? Lie down on your back so I can rest my feet on you while I count the cash. In the end I'll show you my tasty ass - but you'll only be allowed to kiss it. You haven't earned to do any more, loser. Next time you better bring some more money - maybe I'll allow you to touch it ... if I'm in the right mood!


Sue S.
I control your dick and your money
Natalia only wants your money
Annabell J
Go work for Annabell, loser!
Denise will get your money!