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Red-haired Jamie-Kate

Rating: 8.00

Pay for Jamie-Kates hot ass!

Take a look at my beautiful butt ... you’re allowed to watch, but it’s going to cost you 50€ per 30 seconds ... it’s worth that much to you, I know that! Look at my nice round ass, just look how sexy it is! I heard you’ve a thing for really tasty butts ... I bet you’d like to look at mine all day long - but unfortunately that’d be too expensive for you! Bad luck! Now you got to see a lot ... so give me the money! Well then, that’s mine now! I and my butt are already waiting for the next time you show up!


Date Comment Rating Username
2014-08-07 I like how she straddles the arm of the chair. Lovely tight blue jeans. Great! waffel
Zoe administrates your money
The most expensive view
Princess Jenny's money whore
You are Anfisa's paying ash tray!