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Toilet Mistress Diana

Rating: 7.00

Toilet and pay slave

You know, loser, I'm getting a big payment from you today. 600 Euro to be precise. And for this you get to be my living toilet brush. Take a close look at this toilet - that you're going to clean now, toilet slave! Of course you're going to use your tongue for it. So come on - and remember you paid 600 Euro for this honor. So do something for your money! I bet you'd love to be my toilet - right? Getting your head in the toilet's position? I know you want it - but for now you're just going to lick it. The toilet has to be spotless clean!


Jana H
You have to pay for looking at me!
Anna B.
You're my payment-slave!
Lilu H.
You will fund my new shoes!
Sara Surprisink
Give me your money!