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Toilet Mistress Diana

Rating: 7.00

Toilet and pay slave

You know, loser, I'm getting a big payment from you today. 600 Euro to be precise. And for this you get to be my living toilet brush. Take a close look at this toilet - that you're going to clean now, toilet slave! Of course you're going to use your tongue for it. So come on - and remember you paid 600 Euro for this honor. So do something for your money! I bet you'd love to be my toilet - right? Getting your head in the toilet's position? I know you want it - but for now you're just going to lick it. The toilet has to be spotless clean!


Sue S.
Give sexy Sue your money!
Give all your money to Anfisa!
Aileen Taylor
Jerk off for your mistress
Jane & Layla
Moneyslave of the two sis